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Production Monitoring Systems
Digital Clocks
Andon Display
Moving Display
LED Display Boards
Multiline Display Boards
Scrolling Message Boards
Led Destination Boards
Bus Line Announcer System
Parking Guidance System
Led Display Boards is commited to provide quality display boards and quality services as per International standard and specification.
Temperature Controllers

ABOUT US- Digital LED Board Manufacturer

Led Display Board is the India's premier manufacturer and suppliers of start-to-finish LED sign boards.

Led Display Board was founded in 1980 with fundamental goals as :-

  • Highest Possible Quality of LED display board
  • Increases the Proficiency of the employees

Our range of experience, products and services is very wide and we bring the skill to design and manufacture Digital LED display board. The company provides comprehensive engineered solutions for:

Production Monitoring Systems, Digital Clocks, Andon Display, Moving Display,
Led Display Board
, Multiline Display Board, Scrolling Display Board, Token Display Board

Our other range includes: Digital RPM Indicator, Thermocouples, PLC, Testing Instruments, Power Supplies, Software Solutions.


All LED display board from Nutronics India is guaranteed to perform to specification and to your satisfaction.


While we are very proud of our quality standards, the concept of quality is a broader issue at Led Display Board. It runs deeper then products and manufacturing products. Quality consciousness is made to percolate in every sphere of activity. It is a concerted effort through trained personnel to constantly strive for perfection. We believe that when production is managed properly, our customer get the quality they deserve.