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  1. Customers can revise /download /copy a audio report upon one's own( there is a immaterial program for revise ); A audio report of a Train line Announcer System can be edited by a software;
  2. Bus line Announcer System is supposing with a label reader that is befitting to FAT16 SD label as well as MMC card. A SD label is used to revise as well as send a information, so it is easy to refurbish as well as shift a train line information.
  3. 12 pieces of a train line report could be stored in a Train line Announcer System, as well as any record of a train line is available for 10 MB, as well as 64 train stops is in it when uptrain, as well as 64 train stop when downtrain. It is available for a drivers to shift a train lines specially.
  4. The drivers can carry out a LED arrangement to arrangement a train stop report as well as a use information; Kinds of languages can be used for brocasting, a voice is arioso as well as a announcement can be inserted.
  5. Bus line Announcer System is supposing with a duty of personification music, MP3 song record can be played.
  6. The LED Dynamic Electrical Street nameplates (the front,side,back) can be continuous to a Train line Announcer System, arrangement a train stop information, as well as switch a train line citation when a train arrives during a destination.
  7. Good trustworthiness as well as noiseproof feature.
  8. Bus line Announcer System is supposing with a duty of GPS, so it can locating a stream on all sides as well as promote automatically when it arrives during a stations.


Working voltage: DC12-35V
Biggest audio power: 13Wx2
Audio output impedance: 4-8 ohm
Memory: 128 MB
Audio formats: MP3
Storage line quantity: 12
Min Order: All bus